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With 40 years of Tax Prep "under my belt", I've done very simple to extremely complex returns; favorites include 1031 exchanges, simple estates and non-profits . Being semi-retired, I'm only adding a few clients per year; contact me for more info. I suggest QB for my businesses--both new setups and existing--again with lots of practical expertise. My daughter, Anna, does Payroll prep for small entities (no restaurants, please), usually 1 to 12 employee base. Our operations center around Gig Harbor and Tacoma but do a lot by mail. Also, I can have QB hosted on the web; gives owner and me access to all data in "real time". Cost is about $120/mo, but has so many advantages.

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Name of Rotarian Walt Paulsen, Gig Harbor Morning Club


P O Box 6883
Tacoma, Washington 98417
United States


  • Paul Harris


For Tax Prep, 9AM-4PM Mon th Fri in Tax Season; otherwise, by appointment. For Payroll Prep, usually afternoon/evening hours; contact me first for more info.


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